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Hey! I'm Lyman

and when I’m not chasing my daughter around the house or building wild creations in my wood shop…

I’m the guy behind the scenes developing  marketing strategies for hundreds of companies around the world responsible for hundreds of millions in sales. 

I created Chirp Circle to help other marketers and entrepreneurs create more successful marketing strategies faster and with more confidence.

A few companies using my marketing strategies

Do You Want to Know The Seceret
That Only 1% of Marketers Know?

While most marketers and online professionals struggle to generate any real results online. There’s the 1% that are able to seemingly generate results on demand.

Here’s the crazy part! Nobody is talking about this! 


Those days are over. I’ve sat quietly in the shadows for too long and I’m going to finally help lift the veil for the other 99%. I’m going to give you the keys to the marketing kingdom.

The Giant Elephant in The Room
That Marketers Don't Want to Talk About

Did you know that billions of dollars are wasted on digital marketing every year?

Sure those wasted funds might of generated great brand awareness or vanity metrics, but the sad reality is that most digital marketing efforts result in ZERO to little results.

Especially the results that matter. Like generating more profit or the ability to track what parts of your marketing is actually working.

The problem isn’t that marketers or businesses don’t know how to advertise, create great content or generate leads and sometimes sales.

The biggest gap in our industry is the ability to produce strategies designed to accomplish business goals.

Marketers Focus Too Much on Tactics
and Not Enough on Strategy

Don’t get me wrong! Tactics are very important and a vital part of executing a strategy to it’s full potential.

The big problem is that most marketers focus almost all their energy on tactics. like creating blog posts, running Facebook ads, sending emails, etc… and never take the time to craft a strategy that ties these tactics together aimed to accomplish their goals. 

This is the reason why most marketing initiatives never produce a profit or accomplish the goals they were meant to

Only Relying on Marketing Tactics
is A Sure Way to Kill Your Business

Tactics Without Strategy is The Noise Before Defeat.
Sun Tzu
The Art of War

Can you get results only utilizing tactics? Yea, but I promise you it will fizzle out and you’ll be looking for the next new shinny thing to keep your business afloat.

You’re actually better off spending time creating a well thought out strategy that’s poorly executed on. At least then you stand a chance to survive.

But great marketing isn’t about surviving.

It’s about THRIVING and the best way to do that is to craft great strategies that are executed brilliantly.

Creating A Successful Strategy
is Difficult for Most Marketers

The reason it’s difficult for you to develop strategies is because there’s too much focus on tactics in our industry. There’s an artificial pressure to generate quick results without thinking through the end game.

The great news is that you’re already excellent at tactics and with a great strategy you will see results you never thought possible.

I know creating strategies might seem daunting or stressful to you. Don’t worry! This is the reason I created Chirp Circle.

I’m going to GIVE you some of the most desired marketing strategies available online that’s generating millions in online sales.  

I'm Giving You The Most Sought After
Digital Marketing Strategies Online

I invite you to join Chirp Circle, and I’ll show you behind the curtain of the exact strategies being used to generate millions in sales online.

I’m going to help you completely demystify the entire process of creating the perfect marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a budding entrepreneur, seasoned pro or work at a marketing agency.

I’m going to help you get results that 99% of marketers dream about.

The strategies I share in my membership
are generating hundreds of millions in sales.  

I know that number seems ridiculousness to most, but it’s true! Do you know why these numbers seem unreal to most marketers?

It’s because they don’t fully grasp how to develop effective strategies.

You see…
Developing great strategies is a skill that only 1% of marketers in the world posses. This is what separates the masters from the wannabes.

Almost anyone can do basic marketing activities..
Like creating ads, blog posts, sending emails, etc…
But this isn’t where the magic happens!

Real life changing and business transforming results is due to STRATEGY not tactics.

When you join my membership. You’ll become a marketing strategy genius almost overnight.

I’ve made some of the most advanced digital strategies online easy to digest and implement for anyone.

I personally deconstruct entire strategies and re build them in easy to follow interactive flow charts.

If that wasn’t enough, I started doing video breakdowns of every campaign I reverse engineer so you have a complete walk though to help you understand what’s really happening behind the scenes.

These documents are so detailed someone thought what I was doing was illegal…
Yea! That’s how detailed they are.

I also share with you the exact strategies I use for my own clients and within my own business. These are complete frameworks you can implement yourself. I’m also sharing my page templates to help you implement these campaigns faster!

I release new content every month and I work directly with my members. I’m here for you when you need me. I’m not some non accessible self appointed guru.

If you’re tired of being the 99% of marketers that struggle to generate real results online and want to join the 1% then you should join Chirp Circle today!

Here's What You Get for Just $7

Hacked Marketing Campaigns

Get access to our growing database of reverse engineered marketing campaigns
generating over $100+ million dollars in sales.

$3997 Value

Here's What You Get!

Interactive Funnel Flow Charts

Emails used in Campaigns

Ads used in Campaigns

Pages used in Campaigns

Here's What They Look Like

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Types of Campaigns I Hack

Whether you want to run a webinar or advertise on Facebook.
I have entire hacked campaigns that will help you get the most out of your marketing. 

Here's What You Get!

Facebook Funnels

LinkedIn Funnels

Chat Bot Funnels

Membership Funnels

Newsletter Funnels

Webinar Funnels

Lead Funnels

And Many More!

Keep Scrolling to See More!

Digital Marketing Experiments

Get a peek at the exact digital marketing campaigns I build for our business and clients.
These are similar to our hacked campaigns, except I can really do a deep dive
and break down every detail of some of our most successful marketing campaigns

$5997 Value

Here's What You Get!

Interactive Funnel Flow Charts

Emails used in Campaigns

Ads used in Campaigns

Pages used in Campaigns

Here's A Preview

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Digital Marketing Frameworks

I have access to a lot of valuable data, so I decided to create
pre-built marketing frameworks designed to get you maximum results.

$1997 Value

Here's What You Get!

Interactive Funnel Flow Charts

Copy/Paste Email Templates

Video Training and Breakdown

Access to Real World Examples

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Instant Page Templates

Get access to all our pages I use in my marketing campaigns and experiments. 

$997 Value

Here's What You Get!

Video Sales Pages

Course Pages

Landing Pages

Many More!

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Video Training & Support

I’m constantly adding new video training and content to the members area
every month to help arm you with the knowledge and skills needed
to help you achieve your business and marketing goals. You also get access to my private FB group.

Here's What You Get!

Funnel Building Course

Marketing Funnel Breakdowns

Digital Strategy Training

Get Direct Access to Lyman

More added every month.

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Hey it’s Lyman again. I just wanted to tell you I can’t wait to start working with you on your next marketing strategy. I know after you join Chirp Circle you’re going to achieve results you never thought possible. 

After you signup, I’m going to invite you to my private group so we can start collaborating. You can also send me an email anytime you like. 

Join My Team!

$10,000 Bonus

One-to-One Coaching with Lyman

I could have created some flashy bonuses that you would never use and give them a ridiculous value that we both know wouldn’t be true. See, I try and give you everything you need inside my membership. I’m not going to take important information and say it’s a bonus. 

The best thing I could ever give you is my time and I charge a premium for it. On average I charge $10,000 just to help a client develop a digital marketing strategy. 

Here’s what I want to do for you. 

I’m going to work with you One-to-One for an entire week and help you with your marketing strategy. I can also help you with any pain points you’re currently facing with your other marketing activities. 

If You're Worried About Price...
Don't Be!

Don’t hesitate to take action on this amazing offer. There is nothing like this online because there’s few people alive who can offer you what I’m offering today. I usually charge several thousand dollars for everything you get when you join Chirp Circle. 

I know you want help and need guidance. That’s why you’ve stuck with me this long. Because you made an investment in me. I’m going to make an investment into you! 

Let’s do a quick recap of everything you’re getting. 

Total Value = $23,985

Your’re getting access to the same resources I leverage in my business every day to close some of the largest companies in the world and generate millions in sales.

I’m going to make this a no brainer for you today.
You only have to pay $7 to Try out Chirp Circle. That’s it!
If you like hanging with me then my membership is only $29 PM 

This is a limited time offer, so act now and click “Join Now”!

New Members and Growing

60 Day. Hassle Free. No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Chirp Circle is A Trusted Source
by Real Marketers

Marketing Professionals

Whether you’re an entry level marketer, manager, director or consultant. Chirp Circle is the ideal community to help you do your job better and more efficiently. 

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

If you run your own business or plan to start one. Chirp Circle’s community can help you hit your growth goals or launch your idea or business faster. You don’t have to figure out how to market online alone or waste thousands of dollars on new tools and training. 

Perfect fit if you....

  • Work at an agency
  • Part of a marketing team
  • Do consulting
  • Own your own business
  • Use marketing automation tools
  • Send marketing emails
  • Advertise online
  • Run Facebook ads
  • Run LinkedIn ads
  • Develop Marketing Funnels

Not interested if you....

  • Want to get rich quick
  • No money to advertise online
  • Think you're a know it all
  • Don't take action....lazy....
  • Can't take constructive feedback
  • No products or services to sell

Avoid These Common Pitfalls
When You Become A Member

Marketing Success Doesn’t Have to Be Hard or Stressful. I Make it Fun 🙂

Without Chirp Circle

Launching A Startup

You've been working hard on a new business. Your really excited about being your own boss. When it comes time to launch you struggle to get new customers and have to shut down.

Growing Your Business

You've done a great job establishing your business and you're getting consistent results with your online marketing. You tried to scale your campaigns, but you've seemed to hit a plateau.

Marketing Campaigns

You're a digital professional that's been tasked to create a marketing campaign. You have a limited budget and goals to hit. You have to build the campaign from scratch and hope it works.

Training New Employees

You just hired an entry level employee for your marketing team and you want them to build new marketing campaigns for your business. They have limited experience and struggle to deliver results.

Purchased New Marketing Tool

You or your company just invested in a new marketing automation platform and it's not getting used to it's full potential. Costing your company more than what it produces in revenue.

Building A Marketing Funnel

You want to get a new marketing funnel up and running for your business. You bought training and tools, but you don't have an easy to understand visualization of what's working or where to start

Advertising On A New Channel

You've heard all the hype of running ads on Facebook and decide to create a few ads with high hopes only to lose thousands of dollars. Frustrated you give up thinking it's just not for your business.

With Chirp Circle Community

Launching A Startup

You're getting ready to launch your new startup and work with the Chirp Circle community and leverage all the available resources to get customers right when you open the doors.

Growing Your Business

After joining Chirp Circle you were able to quickly identify what parts of your marketing you should focus on and you start seeing results in a short period of time without spending more money on advertisnig.

Marketing Campaigns

You're a digital professional that's been tasked to create a marketing campaign. You have a limited budget and goals to hit. You join Chirp Circle and get immediate access to successful campaigns you can duplicate.

Training New Employees

You just hired an entry level employee and sign them up for Chirp Circle so they have immediate access to a community of other marketers and resources that helps them be more productive and effective at their job.

Purchased New Marketing Tool

You or your company purchase a new marketing automation tool and work with the Chirp Circle community to develop marketing funnels to grow your business in a matter of days.

Building A Marketing Funnel

You're ready to get a new marketing funnel up and running and use Chirp Circle's hacked marketing campaigns for ideas to build your next marketing funnel based on what's already working.

Advertising On A New Channel

You're ready to test Facebook Ads for your business and look at the hacked marketing campaigns to see successful Facebook campaigns and use our resource and tips documents to create effective ads on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Hard to Get a Refund?

It’s very rare that I get asked for a refund, but I make the process painless. If you decide Chirp Circle isn’t for you then you have 60 days to cancel. Hassle free. Zero questions asked.

Will You Do My Marketing for Me?

The Chirp Circle community doesn’t do your marketing for you. We empower marketers and entrepreneurs to develop and run their own marketing campaigns. If you want help with your marketing campaign you can hire Lyman to help you.

Can I Ask Lyman Questions?

Yes! Lyman is very active in the community. He’s not some shadowy Guru that you can’t talk to. He likes to roll up his sleeves and help others achieve their marketing and business goals.

What if I have zero marketing experience?

Even if you don’t have marketing experience this is a great community for entrepreneurs. You can get insights into what’s working and feedback from the community and outsource the marketing campaigns you come up with. 

How often do you update content?

If you’re familiar with the digital marketing world then you know how quickly everything changes. This is why I strive to add new content and update our resources monthly. As we grow we aim to scale this to a weekly schedule. 

Will you hack a marketing campaign for me?

Yes! If you join Chirp Circle, you can make a request for a marketing campaign you want hacked. We’ll make sure to bump it to the top of our list of marketing campaigns being hacking right now.