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Marketing Professionals

Whether you’re an entry level marketer, manager, director or consultant. Chirp Circle is the ideal community to help you do your job better and more efficiently. 

Entrepreneurs and Startups

If you run your own business or plan to start one. Chirp Circle’s community can help you hit your growth goals or launch your idea or business faster. You don’t have to figure out how to market online alone or waste thousands of dollars on new tools and training. 

Hacked Campaigns

These are the most detailed hacked marketing campaigns available online. See exactly how millions of sales are generated step-by-step.

Curated Resources

You'll have the best marketing resources from around the web at your finger tips. Implement new tactics and marketing channels faster.

Marketing Experiments

See the exact process, strategies, and campaigns Lyman creates for other companies and his own projects and how you can duplicate them.

Forum & Private Group

Engage with Lyman and other advanced marketers and entrepreneurs in a members only online forum and private Facebook group.

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Without Chirp Circle

Launching A Startup

You've been working hard on a new business. Your really excited about being your own boss. When it comes time to launch you struggle to get new customers and have to shut down.

Marketing Campaigns

You're a digital professional that's been tasked to create a marketing campaign. You have a limited budget and goals to hit. You have to build the campaign from scratch and hope it works.

Training New Employees

You just hired an entry level employee for your marketing team and you want them to build new marketing campaigns for your business. They have limited experience and struggle to deliver results.

Purchased New Marketing Tool

You or your company just invested in a new marketing automation platform and it's not getting used to it's full potential. Costing your company more than what it produces in revenue.

Building A Marketing Funnel

You want to get a new marketing funnel up and running for your business. You bought training and tools, but you don't have an easy to understand visualization of what's working or where to start

Advertising On A New Channel

You've heard all the hype of running ads on Facebook and decide to create a few ads with high hopes only to lose thousands of dollars. Frustrated you give up thinking it's just not for your business.

With Chirp Circle Community

Launching A Startup

You're getting ready to launch your new startup and work with the Chirp Circle community and leverage all the available resources to get customers right when you open the doors.

Marketing Campaigns

You're a digital professional that's been tasked to create a marketing campaign. You have a limited budget and goals to hit. You join Chirp Circle and get immediate access to successful campaigns you can duplicate.

Training New Employees

You just hired an entry level employee and sign them up for Chirp Circle so they have immediate access to a community of other marketers and resources that helps them be more productive and effective at their job.

Purchased New Marketing Tool

You or your company purchase a new marketing automation tool and work with the Chirp Circle community to develop marketing funnels to grow your business in a matter of days.

Building A Marketing Funnel

You're ready to get a new marketing funnel up and running and use Chirp Circle's hacked marketing campaigns for ideas to build your next marketing funnel based on what's already working.

Advertising On A New Channel

You're ready to test Facebook Ads for your business and look at the hacked marketing campaigns to see successful Facebook campaigns and use our resource and tips documents to create effective ads on Facebook.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch my membership?

You can change your membership directly in your account. For example: You are on the quarterly plan, but want to upgrade to a lifetime membership. Say you’ve already paid 4 quarters. When you upgrade your account you will only be charged the difference.   

Will You Do My Marketing for Me?

The Chirp Circle community doesn’t do your marketing for you. We empower marketers and entrepreneurs to develop and run their own marketing campaigns. If you want help with your marketing campaign you can hire Lyman to help you.

Can I Ask Lyman Questions?

Yes! Lyman is very active in the community. He’s not some shadowy Guru that you can’t talk to. He likes to roll up his sleeves and help others achieve their marketing and business goals.

What if I have zero marketing experience?

Even if you don’t have marketing experience this is a great community for entrepreneurs. You can get insights into what’s working and feedback from the community and outsource the marketing campaigns you come up with. 

How often do you update content?

If you’re familiar with the digital marketing world then you know how quickly everything changes. This is why we strive to add new content and update our resources monthly. As we grow we aim to scale this to a weekly schedule. 

Will you hack a marketing campaign for me?

Yes! If you join Chirp Circle, you can make a request for a marketing campaign you want hacked. We’ll make sure to bump it to the top of our list of marketing campaigns being hacking right now. 

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