How I Achieved First Page Rankings for 2000+ Keywords in 2 Months Without Building Links

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If there is one thing I dislike more than anything when it comes to SEO it’s building links. I’m sure many online marketers feel the same way. Whether we like it or not it’s still one of the most critical elements for achieving first page rankings for the keywords we want to rank for. Not only that but if you try and build links in an ethical way it can take several months to see results.

After spending months of testing and thousands of dollars on ideas, I hit the jackpot. This super simple strategy got me over 2,000 first page rankings, generated 1 million pageviews and captured thousands of leads without me building a single backlink. The best part is I achieved these results in 2 months time on a new website.

Check out the insane stats below:

Social Link Building Stats

I don’t like waiting months to see results from my marketing efforts and I know you feel the same way. That’s why I was dead set on creating a repeatable strategy I can implement that builds links and site traffic automatically without worrying about being penalized from search engines. It’s also much more cost effective than building a private link network and from my experience is just as powerful.

The best part about this strategy is that you can start to generate leads and valuable traffic to your site immediately even before achieving 1st page rankings.

Social Link Building

The strategy I developed is called social link building. It’s a simple strategy I created that uses social media to leverage and promote your content to an insane level. Backlinks are just a by product of the explosive growth of your site traffic and shares of your content.

Here are the different elements of the strategy:

Social Link Building

Social Content – This is content designed to be shared on social networks that has internal links to your keyword rich content.

Keyword Content – This is the content you’re trying to rank in the search engines.

Social Ads – This is the main mechanism in how your content is promoted. If you created your social content correctly then it should be fairly cheap to reach thousands of people. Make sure you’re targeting your ideal audience.

Retargeting Ads – Once you start getting a large flow of site traffic from your social content you’ll have a list of engaged users. These are people that have already engaged with your content. You can promote more social content to them or keyword rich content.

Social Link Building Example

I created a quick blog in the sign industry to demonstrate what a social link building campaign might look like. This is to show you this strategy has a practical application no matter what industry you’re in. This example isn’t from one of my clients. It’s for demonstration purposes only.

The first step is to create a social piece of content. I figured a good piece would be a list of funny business signs. This is a piece of content that won’t make social users feel like they’re being marketed to.

I recommend creating at least 5 social content pieces to start with. This should give you enough pieces to experiment with to see which types of content performs best.

Social Content

Notice in the example above how I have a link in the article that points to my Keyword Content(content I’m trying to rank). Below is a snapshot of what that content looks like. It’s a page on the website optimized for business led signs.

Keyword Content

You should have noticed that my Social Content and Keyword Content are somewhat similar. When I do these types of campaigns I aim to keep them relevant to each other.

After you have your content setup the next step is to set up social ads. I usually start with Facebook because it gives you powerful targeting capabilities. So when I created this example ad I only targeted business owners. That way the people that come to the website are more qualified than just any user on Facebook.

FB Ad Example

After you start driving traffic to your social content you can generate what’s called a retargeting list. This allows you to show ads to people that view certain pages on your website. What I like to do is promote certain types of content based on the activity people take on my website.

For Example:

This is a very simple demonstration of using content to qualify potential leads and a way to promote your Keyword Content to a more targeted list of people.

Visits: “7 Hilarious Business Signs”
Retargeting Ad: “Benefits of LED Signs”
Retargeting Ad: “How to Grow Business With LED Signs”
Retargeting Ad: “Free LED Sign Quote”

I ran my experiment for just a couple of days and generated over 100 visitors, 34 shares, a couple leads and my site ended up on the 3rd page of Google for some pretty difficult keywords. I did all this for just $40 bucks. Check out some of the keywords below.

Keywords Indexed

If you look at the stats I gave at the beginning of this post then you realize just how powerful this strategy can be. The stats from my example is just an example site I threw together. This strategy can be mixed with many of my other strategies that help your business accomplish results most only dream about.

How to Maximize This Strategy

If you’re going to use Facebook for Social Link Building then I recommend combining it with my Facebook Lead Funnel strategy. This will allow you to fully maximize your content potential to drive thousands of qualified visitors to your website, generate leads, and improve your search engine rankings.

If you want to work with me to craft a strategy like this for your business please feel free to contact me and we can setup a time to chat.

Lyman Perrine

Lyman Perrine

Hey! I’m the guy behind Chirp Circle. I consider myself to be a “Full Stack Marketer” I’ve worked with startups all the way up to multi-billion dollar companies. My understanding of technology and marketing makes me a valuable asset to any business.

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      I added you to the list. The training goes over my process and strategy in general. Not necessarily this particular strategy in detail. It has some really good info in it.

      I will be releasing more training over the coming days. My next post will cover the facebook marketing in more detail. Keep your eyes open for that post. Should be published this week.


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