Facebook Marketing Strategy I Use To Generate 100,000+ Visitors Per Month

Facebook Marketing Strategy (1)

I used to think the only traffic source worth my time was from Search Engines. Don’t get me wrong, Search Engine traffic is still by far the best performing traffic source for me and my clients.

The problem I faced, especially with new websites is getting a steady flow of quality traffic and quickly. Ranking new websites for keywords can be costly and take a lot of time. Luckily I created a new strategy that fixes this problem. learn how I rank for keywords by clicking the link.

In this informative guide, I’m going to show you my simple Facebook Marketing Strategy I use to drive 100,000+ visitors to my clients and my websites every month.

Before I show you this strategy make sure you have a well defined goal you want accomplished from these campaigns. Is it more leads? Ad revenue? Product sales? Also make sure to track your performance.

This is What Happened After I Implemented My Facebook Traffic Strategy

Pay attention to the insane traffic spike.

Facebook Strategy

Check out the consistent mind blowing results below!

Facebook Traffic

Is Facebook Traffic Worth It?

Over the last few years I’ve spent more time focusing on social media as an effective and profitable traffic strategy. Primarily traffic from Facebook.

One amazing thing I’m noticing is the correlation with my Facebook promotions and increase in organic rankings and traffic. The website above is a fairly new website. I didn’t do any backlinking or outreach campaigns and the site now has over 2,000 backlinks and it’s starting to rank on the first page of Google for very competitive keywords. You can learn more about this strategy here.

Long story short… Facebook is a great platform to focus your businesses marketing strategy around. Believe it or not Facebook is one of my central promotion strategies for ChirpCircle. I used only Facebook to initially launch my business.

Check out my Facebook results for ChirpCircle


How to Get Started With Facebook Marketing

Whether you have a 10 year old website or you’re about to create a new one. There is one thing you must know.

That one thing is your audience. More specifically your audience on Facebook. What I like to do is find 7-10 of the biggest Facebook Fan Pages in my niche with great engagement. It doesn’t hurt to find more if possible.

Find Great Fan Pages in Your Niche

The fastest way to find pages in your niche is to just start searching for keywords directly on Facebook. For example if my site is in the “Survival Niche” Then I would simply type survival in Facebook Search.

Try a few keywords in your niche to see what you come up with. Make sure to copy the Facebook Page URL in Notepad, Spreadsheet, or Google Docs (my favorite).

Facebook Search Results Example

Facebook Search

While visiting these Fan Pages. Make sure to check out pages liked by the page you’re looking at now. You can usually see what pages the facebook page likes by looking on the sidebar of their page.

You can click this area to see all the pages they like. Look at the image below as a reference. I’ve highlighted the section with a red outline.

Liked By This Page


Add Pages to Facebook Watch List

Now that you have a list of Facebook pages you want to watch it’s time to do some digging. Navigate to your fan page and click the insights tab. You need to add the pages you’ve found to your watch list. See the image below for reference.

Once you have pages in your watch list Facebook will recommend other pages you should watch too. This is great for finding other great pages in your niche.

Pages to Watch


Now that you’ve built a watch list let’s analyze their posts. We’re specifically looking for posts with a link back to their website. Facebook makes this really easy to do.

Simply click the the page you want to analyze and you’ll get a popup that shows you their top performing posts for the week. See the image below.

Top Facebook Posts for The Week


Do Market Research for Content Ideas

To be successful with Facebook Marketing you need to produce the right content. I know you spent hours creating that epic 3,000 word post that targets some really good keywords. Surely everyone will want to share it.

Problem is that type of content isn’t going to get very far on Facebook. At least it won’t when you’re marketing to new people. The key to being successful on Facebook all boils down to the headline of your post and the image and the content itself. Luckily you can use different headlines on Facebook than what’s on your website.

Here is a list post I did that went viral that now has 43,000+ shares.

Social Shares


What usually works best on Facebook are image heavy lists, videos and quizzes. Look at sites like Buzzfeed, ViralNova, UpWorthy, Distractify, etc.. for some ideas.

I don’t emulate them exactly, but it helps me come up with headline ideas and types of content that performs well on Facebook. And so far it’s working like crazy!

The best way to tell whats working in your niche is to analyze the pages you identified. See which posts are getting the most likes, shares, and comments. Also look at their website content and see which posts are getting shared the most.

I like to use an awesome tool Called BuzzSumo. You can type in a website URL and it will show which pieces of content get shared the most. This is great for coming up with new content ideas.

Come Up With 10 Blog Post Ideas for Facebook

While doing your research, I want you to come up with 10 blog posts ideas that are specifically geared for Facebook. You should aim to create these posts in a 2 week period if possible.

Some may be thousands of words with many images. While others are just a few paragraphs and a video. I do recommend making most of your 10 post ideas lists with images to get started. These will most likely out perform all your other posts. They are really easy to make.

Example of image list post

Social Content

You can see the post by clicking here. (Opens in New Tab)

Once you know what you want your posts to be, start putting them together. Don’t hesitate! Just DO IT! The biggest thing you need to focus on for each piece of content is the Headline. I usually come up with 4-10 headlines for each post before deciding on one.

If you already have an active following on Facebook make sure to schedule your post at peak times. That way you get maximum organic reach. If your page is new then it doesn’t really matter when you schedule your post on Facebook. Because you’re going to turn it into an ad!

Promoting Your Facebook Posts With Ads

After you create your content it needs to get promoted! To simplify things I’m going to focus on turning your Fan Page posts into Ads. These usually cost the least money with better performance from my experience. Feel free to experiment with other Facebook Ad types.

Creating these ads are very easy and only take a few minutes. When creating a new ad make sure to select the “Boost Post” option from the menu. Once you’ve selected your page and the post you want to boost hit continue.

Facebook Page Post Boost


Because you’re boosting a post there is no need to make any ads. The post itself becomes the ad. The most important thing is the audience that sees the post.

A good starting point is to see if you can target any of the pages in your watch list that you added earlier. Or if your post is on a specific topic just start typing keywords that match your topic.

Another good option is to create a new ad for each topic or interest. Usually you’ll find that different topics you target can greatly change the price you pay per click.

Also make sure to target by location. If you target other languages make sure your site is optimized for those languages.

Once you define your interest you need to change how your ad is optimized. By default it’s optimized to get more post engagements. This means shares, comments, likes, etc…

I recommend you switch your ads to be optimized for clicks. I also recommend starting at a low budget. You can always spend more once you know how your ads are performing.

The last thing you need do is tell Facebook where you want your ads to show. I usually only target the desktop and mobile news feed. If you’re website is not mobile friendly then you need to only target desktops.

I also recommend creating separate ads that only target one device at a time. It’s always important to test as much as possible to optimize ad performance.

Once you’re comfortable with all your ad settings all you have to do is hit “place order”. Then you wait for Facebook to review your ad and you’re good to go.

Monitor Your Facebook Ads Performance

The most important step when using Facebook Ads is to measure your performance. How you measure your performance really depends on your website and the goals you’re trying to accomplish.

For Example: ChirpCircle is my primary business. My primary objective for all my content is to attract businesses to become my clients. Everything I do should help accomplish this goal.

I’m also monitoring secondary goals. These would be email signups, fan page likes, viral potential etc… While one ad may not be profitable or generate much revenue it may perform really well in terms of growing page likes, growing my email list, etc..

How you measure your ads performance is up to you and your goals.

Scale Your Ad Spend

Once you have ads that are performing well and are meeting your goals all you need to do is spend more money. Pretty simple huh?

Just make sure you keep an eye on your ads. Eventually your ad will start to cost more and more money the longer it runs. After a couple months of running your ad make sure to check your frequency. If it’s higher than 4 then just duplicate the ad.

Schedule Page Updates

After you start running your ads long enough you’ll notice that your Fan Page is growing. One of my fan pages generated 16,000+ new page likes just from promoting content.

To take advantage of your growing fan page I recommend you start scheduling 2 post updates to your page everyday. They don’t all have to be links back to your website. I share posts from other pages, share videos, and photos.

The more engaged you can keep your audience the more it pays off in the long run.

Also you can keep sharing the same articles to your fan pages over and over again. Mix up the headlines and images to make them seem more unique.

Remember to schedule your posts when your audience is most active. You can access this data in your Page’s Insights tab.

Rinse and Repeat to Sky Rocket Traffic

I hope you enjoyed my simple Facebook Marketing Strategy that I use to get 100,000+ visitors to my website(s) every month. Now it’s up to you to test this strategy on your websites. I know I didn’t go into a lot of detail on setting up Facebook Ads. I figured it’s silly to do that when there is plenty of great information available online. The best place to start is with Facebook’s own training. It’s called Facebook Blueprint.

It only took me a couple months to get to get the traffic numbers I have. The key is to keep publishing Facebook friendly content, promote it with ads, monitor your performance, and never stop measuring and optimizing your ads and posts.

How to Maximize This Strategy for Your Business

I know the thought of getting such an influx of website traffic is exciting. Especially if that traffic is targeted to your audience. I have two strategies that can be utilized with this strategy that turns Facebook into a powerful marketing asset for your business.

Lead Generation: If your primary goal is to generate leads for your business then look at my Facebook Lead Funnel

Keyword Rankings: If you’re looking for new ways to promote and improve the rankings of your content in an organic and fun way then you should enjoy my Social Link Building Strategy

If you want me to craft a winning marketing strategy for your business then make sure to reach out and we can start crafting your strategy today. Click here to work with me.

If you have any questions post them in the comments section!

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