Content Marketing Strategy That Generated 1 Million Pageviews For New Website

Content Marketing

YUUUT is a military blog that earns it’s income from Ads and affiliate sales. The ideal audience for this website was current military and veterans and the best platform to reach them was on Facebook. I was able to drive millions of pageviews to Yuuut from Facebook with only $2,000+ in ad spend. To grow the email list we utilized contests that gave away products. One campaign generated over 522 leads and thousands of new page likes.

All I did was create similar content of the most successful military Facebook posts and then advertised them to the audiences of those pages. This allowed me to scale my reach to insane levels with a minimum budget.


Lyman Perrine

Lyman Perrine

Hey! I’m the guy behind Chirp Circle. I consider myself to be a “Full Stack Marketer” I’ve worked with startups all the way up to multi-billion dollar companies. My understanding of technology and marketing makes me a valuable asset to any business.

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