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Learn How to Earn A Steady Passive Affiliate Income Promoting Products on Amazon

Learn step-by-step on how to earn a consistent passive income stream by promoting popular products on Amazon. We show you everything you need to know and give you all the resources you need to be successful.

These are the same strategies, templates, and pre-made sites that are making ANSF members thousands of dollars every month in passive income.

Join the most successful Amazon training program on the web and start your own Amazon Niche Site empire!


Here is Our Proven Formula that Will Allow You to Make Thousands Per Month from Amazon

Step 1: Niche Research

Being successful with Amazon’s affiliate program starts with proper niche research. We've developed a formula that shows you how to pinpoint the most profitable niches on Amazon.

Once you find a niche on Amazon that meets the initial criteria. We show you the proper research process. You start by analyzing and finding the most profitable products, keywords, and audience data for that niche.

The research process allows you to develop a strategic and highly effective approach to your new Amazon Niche Site. It’s the same process we use to earn thousands of dollars per day.

Step 2: Optimized Sites

Once you find your niche and complete your research. You jump straight into the website planning and creation phase.

You will learn how to map out all the content that needs to be created. Such as product descriptions, product reviews, lead magnets, and all the content needed for Amazon Niche Site success.

If you've never made a website before don't worry. We set up your first Amazon Niche Site for you absolutely free!

Step 3: Traffic Trio

After your new ANS is complete it's time to implement the Traffic Trio system. It’s our core strategy for driving highly qualified traffic, generating leads, and creating a perpetual marketing system to make you money everyday.

The Traffic Trio starts with an effective SEO campaign that generates highly targeted organic traffic to your site. You then implement lead gen tactics to grow your email list, and launch an autoresponder series to build a relationship and drive continuous sales.

The other component of the Traffic Trio is utilizing retargeting ads to generate more leads and sales for your Amazon Niche Site.

I Know What You're Thinking! How Exactly do You Make Money from Amazon?

See over the last 7 years my team and I have perfected a formula to making money from Amazon's affiliate program. We teach others like yourself our exact step-by-step system. We also give you all the resources you will ever need to succeed.

We show you how to find products and niches on Amazon that are most likely to generate you the most income. We teach you how to target the expensive products everyone wants to buy.

Here is the awesome part! For every product bought through your affiliate link you make a commission. Not only that, you make commission for all the products they buy too! The more products you sell the more Amazon pays you.

Check this out. You only need to sell 50 products with a price tag of $250 at 8.5% commission to earn $1,062 dollars.

Here is What You Will Learn When You Become an ANSF Member Today

  • Niche Research

    Learn how to research, identify, and prioritize the most profitable niches and keywords for your Amazon Niche Site.

  • Understand Your Audience

    Discover and understand the perfect audience for your Amazon Niche Site by creating targeted buyer personas.

  • Set Goals

    Learn how to set S.M.A.R.T Goals for your Amazon Niche Site that keeps you on track and pushes you to achieve results.

  • Pick A Site Model

    Learn the different types of sites and structures best suited for your new Amazon Niche Site. You can even use more than one!

  • Setup Your Website

    Learn the easiest way to structure, build and outsource your new Amazon Niche Site from scratch.

  • SEO Your Sites

    Learn how to properly optimize your Amazon Niche Sites for search engines to ensure maximum organic traffic.

  • Drive Traffic

    Discover the ultimate traffic system that creates a seamless flow of highly targeted traffic to your Amazon Niche Site.

  • Expand Your Network

    Learn the simple and most efficient way to continuously launch multiple Amazon Niche Sites and rapidly grow your network.

  • Automation

    Learn how to publish a steady stream of highly targeted and keyword rich content automatically to your Amazon Niche Site.

  • Flip Your Sites

    Learn our proven strategies on how to flip and sell your Amazon Niche Sites for large lump sums of cash

We Give You Everything You Need to Become an Amazon Marketing Machine!

10 Module Course

Amazon Niche Site Formula comes packed with 10 modules designed to quickly get your niche site launched and making income.

You will learn the exact strategies and techniques not taught anywhere else online. We use these same strategies to create websites that generate over $1,000 per day!

To ensure you can access the ANSF on any device we have custom designed the entire course to work on any device.


Instantly benefit from our 7+ years of designing and outsourcing highly successful niche websites with our database of templates.

These templates will help you with a range of tasks designed to make your life easier when creating or outsourcing your Amazon Niche Sites.

We have templates that will help you do niche research, outsource entire websites, create the perfect product review, and much much more.


As soon as you join ANSF you become part of an expansive and hyperactive community. You're not in this alone and we will make sure you stay on track and achieve your goals.

ANSF comes with an easy to use online forum. You also get access to a private Facebook group dedicated to members only. This keeps the content fresh and relevant with super active members.

You're joining the most elite membership platform when it comes to making money from Amazon's Affiliate program. We look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Pre Made Sites

Creating a properly SEO'ed, high converting, and functional Amazon Niche Sites can be a difficult and time consuming task.

It's why we've created an archive of Pre Built Custom WordPress install packages for you. All you have to do is add your content and images.

We create custom WP install packages for every site you will ever need for your ANS project.

There are 2 main types of pre-made site packages we include for our members. We include Ecommerce and Review style site packages. All our site packages are built on-top of premium WordPress themes with many premium plugin integration's.

We include: Optin Monster, Backup Buddy, WordPress Training, Social Auto Posting, Author H Reviews, WP Robot, and many more premium plugins.

We keep all our site packages updated and are continuously adding new ones. You're saving thousands of dollars just for signing up for ANSF.

Hundreds of Money Making Sites Are Made With ANSF


Start Making Passive Income From Amazon Starting At Only $129

Here is our guarantee to you. If you do not see results or are unsatisfied with ANSF. We will give you all your money back. Not only will we give all your money back, but we will let you keep your website just for trying ANSF. No questions asked. Period! You have absolutely ZERO risk for trying ANSF.

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Get instant access to the entire Amazon niche site formula training program, resources, templates, pre-made websites for an affordable one time payment of $129.

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ANSF Basic also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

“Hands down, one of the best courses currently available online. I’ve dabbled in the IM space for a few years, becoming a consistent earner with AdSense themed sites. Over the last four years, I’ve struggled with affiliate marketing, trying to learn the proper ingredients in order to create a site that consistently earns a respectable residual income. Through the training provided by Lyman, I have been able to follow in his footsteps in order to develop a niche site that’s earning over $500 a month.“

- Curtis Riggs

ANSF Members are Having Great Success. Look at What They Have to Say about ANSF

Kent Chow

“ANSF is one of the best Amazon Affiliate Trainings in the market. I have purchased more than 10 Amazon Trainings in the past. Lyman’s video trainings are intense and organized, great for beginners and experts.

His ecommerce style sites are superb. Those templates and installation packages are super time-saving! Also his support and input on the Facebook Group and Forum is very helpful.

The SEO modules are awesome and I have learned many new tricks. I’m working on my Ecom Affiliate sites and hope to add a few hundred dollars a month to my Amazon Affiliate income. Highly Recommend!”

Kent Chow
Angela Marie

“The Amazon Niche Site Formula is an amazing training platform that gave me everything I needed to create my Amazon niche sites! It was easy to follow and understand as a novice website developer.

I really liked the “Keyword Modifiers” section and is something I never really thought of before! I thought that creating an Amazon Niche Site seemed too good to be true, but I’ve been making consistent sales every month with extremely little work! It’s truly amazing and I didn’t know you could make money so easy!

I give ANSF five stars. It’s easy to understand and everything you need to create a passive income from Amazon.”

Angela Marie
Tse Chong

“Easily the best course on building Amazon sites. The concepts are presented using easy to understand videos across 10 modules. There are additional videos to reinforce the important concepts.

There are WordPress backups of pre-made sites available, so you can have your own site up in minutes, complete with PAID premium themes. There are also resources available to greatly simplify the steps to retrieve data from Amazon. Best of all, there is a forum to clarify doubts.

I already have 4 sites up and running within a month. There is still much work to be done to make them profitable, but I have a clear understanding of the next to-do steps. Any doubts I encounter along the way, Lyman is there to advise. This course totally exceeded my expectations.”

Tse Chong
Curtez Riggs

“Hands down, one of the best courses currently available online. I’ve dabbled in the IM space for a few years, becoming a consistent earner with AdSense themed sites. Over the last four years, I’ve struggled with affiliate marketing, trying to learn the proper ingredients in order to create a site that consistently earns a respectable residual income. Through the training provided by Lyman, I have been able to follow in his footsteps in order to develop a niche site that’s earning over $500 a month.“

Curtez Riggs
Aaron Wright

“Joining ANSF has been the best decision for me so far in this huge Internet Marketing Business. It has helped me a lot in learning new Amazon money making techniques, improved my communications with the fellow ANSF members and got all my problems solved as quickly as I had raised them. If you ask me, ANSF is the best value for your money for anyone ready to put some work building out there Amazon Niche Websites :)”

Aaron Wright
Gowtham Velmurugan

“Best course ever on creating amazon niche sites. Very well detailed videos which anyone can follow. I Learned some awesome tips in just a few days of buying his course.”

Gowtham Velmurugan

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