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My 5 Phase Process That Works in Any Industry

Phase 1: Research and Analysis

Before an effective marketing campaign can be created we need to fully analyze your business. We audit your website, study your analytics data, and all your marketing efforts. We're looking for low hanging fruit and determining which strategies will work best for your business.

Phase 2: Strategy Development

After analyzing your business, an effective data driven marketing strategy will be developed. It will be designed to ensure rapid results that align with your business objectives. We layout and help manage the entire process for you.

Phase 3: Implementation

Once you agree on the marketing strategy we developed for you the fun part begins. We work directly with your team to ensure all marketing initiatives are implemented on time. We will help your team with any of the deliverables needed to kick off your marketing campaigns.

Phase 4: Track Performance

The beauty of digital marketing is the ability to effectively track its performance. All our marketing initiatives will be tracked to guarantee they hit the goals we established during the strategy development stage.

Phase 5: Optimization & Scaling

After your marketing campaigns are fully running and hitting your goals. We will continue to develop your strategy to improve it's performance. There is always room for improvement and we will make sure you see consistent growth and cost savings from your marketing campaigns.

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My Strategies and Services Create Business Changing Results

International Expeditions

IE Travel

I created and implemented a multi-channel digital marketing strategy for IE that made online their most profitable marketing channel.


  • 40,000+ Leads
  • 13,000+ FB Fans
  • 93% Organic Search Increase
  • 113% Increase of PPC Leads



I created and implemented a facebook and content marketing strategy that turned this into one of the largest military websites online.


  • 2+ Million Video Views
  • 1+ Million Website Pageviews PM
  • 16,000+ FB Fans
  • 2,000+ First Page SERP Rankings

EBSCO Industries


I helped EBSCO IND establish SEM best practices and processes for their 40+ businesses in several different industries across the US.


  • 1,000+ Improved Keyword Rankings
  • $5mil+ yearly revenue from Amazon
  • Improved PPC Campaigns
  • Established KPI's for 10+ Divisions

Outdoor Signs America


I created and implemented a digital marketing strategy for OSA that saved them from going under and made it more profitable than ever before.


  • Generated $1.3 million in online sales
  • $10,000+ PM from Email Marketing
  • Selling $12,000+ PM on Amazon
  • Saved $5,000+ PM in PPC Spend